That Monday Feeling….

White Tin Bread

White Tin Loaf

It’s Bank Holiday Monday afternoon and LSH has headed out for his twice yearly trip to support the local football team (it’s a “must win match” evidently…)

So it’s time for my usual Monday baking session – a white tin loaf for our daily sandwiches. But this time the dough is being surly and unhelpful ( it’s clearly not keen on this cold weather either). Extra water is needed to get it soft enough to knead and even then I just can’t get it to soft and silky consistency I’m looking for. I resort to a version of Dan Lepard’s technique – a short burst of vigorous kneading followed by a 10 minute rest. After a couple of goes it was finally showing enough signs of gluten development to be left to double in size.

But even then it was sluggish. Clearly “that Monday feeling” affects bread as well as people! It needed warmth and time so for once I put it into the airing cupboard for its rise. I was sorely tempted to try to fit in there with it given our weather this Easter.

It took a little longer than normal to rise and then prove and I was not optimistic of what the finished loaf would look like. Once in the oven it baked for about 40 mins and I took it out of its tin for the last 10 minutes to give the sides a bit of a crust. And this was the result. A nice dense crumb with crispy golden crust. Ideal for LSH’s sandwiches the next day.

And the football? Also a win. Not a bad Monday all round.


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