Saturday Night Sandwich (and Monday night pizza)

Pulled pork sandwich
I’ve developed a bit of a pulled pork obsession recently. In my mind was a generous pile of shredded porkiness, sandwiched within a homemade bread roll and covered in a tasty barbecue sauce. So it was just a case of tracking down the right recipes. And this is what I came up with…..

Firstly the pork – The Guardian had a “perfect” pulled pork recipe which looked to be a good option. I rubbed a shoulder of pork with a mix of salt, smoked paprika, sugar and a bit of Old Bay seasoning. I then roasted it at a high temperature for about 30 mins before adding some liquid smoke (a new one on me but thankfully Amazon came up with the goods – any suggestions on what else to use hickory liquid smoke for will be gratefully received!). I then turned it down and left it for about 7 hours until it fell apart.

Pulled pork

Then it was the bun. Zeb Bakes recently had a flavoured loaf using Dan Lepard’s semolina bun recipe which looked like it would hit the mark.

Semolina buns

This was pretty straightforward to make and the addition of wet semolina had an interesting effect on the texture, giving it a chewy open crumb.

So many thanks to Zeb Bakes for the idea of using this. It will definitely be baked again!

Finally there was the sauce and again I have a fellow blogger to thank for this one. Main St. Cuisine had this fantiastic looking recipe for orange scented BBQ sauce and after making it I can heartily recommend it. LSH has already said that it’s one of his favourites….

The pulled pork has done well over three days. A bit salty on the first day (the recipe says to leave it for 24hrs before using- which obviously I didn’t). The next day we had the sandwiches again when out walking and they tasted much better.

The final portion was made into pizza with peppers, red onion and lots of garlic butter. A fitting end to a very tasty joint of meat.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Night Sandwich (and Monday night pizza)

    • I’m building up quite a list of “to try” recipes. Pulled pork is an American thing – I think you’re supposed to barbecue it but this recipe was more “Yorkshire weather friendly”!

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  2. Sorry I missed this post, I think WP doesn’t give you a pingback unless you link to a post and not the blog in general, otherwise I would have scooted over to say thankyou for the blog love and don’t your buns look splendid! And spookily I bought some liquid smoke on Amazon too intending to make pulled pork but haven’t done it yet, haven’t even opened the bottle. I am an ingredient hoarder of the first order 🙂 x

    • Thanks – I’m still getting the hang of how best to link to other sites. I made this again recently but I mixed the liquid smoke with an equal amount of pomegranate molasses and that worked well. I originally bought the molasses for a recipe I’d found on the internet but by the time I’d found some, I’d lost the recipe I was going to use it in. Aargh! So I’m just trying to find uses for it. Any ideas gratefully received!

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