Friday Night Pizza

Pizza slice
Now that the weather is starting to warm up a bit- I even saw some blue sky today! I’m starting to think about quick, light meals for (hopefully) sunny evenings. A homemade pizza is just the thing.

The version I prefer is a thin based one that I’ve been baking for a couple of years now. It’s easy to do and the dough freezes well. Take it out of the freezer in the morning, leave in the fridge in a bowl and it’ll be ready to bake by tea time. I’ve even defrosted it in the microwave when I forgot about it and neither the dough, nor us, seemed any the worse. You can find the full recipe here.

As long as I’ve got some mozzarella in the fridge and tinned tomatoes in the cupboard, I can rustle up something tasty in about 20 mins and I get to chose exactly the toppings I want. Today it was lots of crispy peppers and salty Italian ham, with a smattering of pesto.

Give it a go – once you’ve made your own pizza you won’t even think of getting another pre prepared one from your local supermarket. Roll on summer….


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