The Monday Baker Gardening Special


We seem to be tumbling towards June at a rapid rate of knots yet I’m still putting the heating on and using a brolly remarkably regularly. To make matters worse my plum tree hasn’t blossomed at all this year which means for the first time there’ll be no plum jam, sauce, vodka (insert favourite plum recipe here). But for once we had sun and warm weather this weekend. So there has been less baking and more sowing and weeding. In “celebration” of this fact here is a bit of a gardening special (with a small amount of bread…).

I’ve sowing fennel and salad leaves and I’m waiting for my French beans to germinate. Some plants are already well underway including my courgette plants. All 6 of them have sprouted and are doing well. I’m taking a bit of a risk and have potted 2 of them up and put them outside. The forecast at the moment is for no frost so I have my fingers crossed that it stays that way. If not I have 4 back ups still in the greenhouse.


Whilst my plum tree has been a failure this year, elsewhere I have plenty of signs of a decent fruit crop, including my Bramley apple which has a decent amount of blossom on it.

Bramley blossom

There are also loads of redcurrants and blackcurrants already starting to form as well as these little beauties – alpine strawberries. I grew these from seed a few years ago and now they have self seeded everywhere in the garden. These are hidden underneath one of my climbing roses.

Wild Strawberries

As part of my general clearing up I’ve been moving a few pots around and this is how I found this little fellow – possibly the smallest toad I’ve ever seen! He soon hopped off into a secluded spot by the side of the greenhouse.

Very small toad

It hasn’t been completely bread free though. I made some naan breads with toasted cumin seeds in to go with our curry and another batch of the semolina buns I made a couple of weeks ago but this time in as burger buns. So here they are along with my new bread basket.

Semolina buns in basket


7 thoughts on “The Monday Baker Gardening Special

  1. What lovely photos! What is the name of the shrub in the first one? We have bought a couple of courgette plants as the ones we sowed haven’t even come up yet. I had a little pear blossom and a fair bit of apple blossom, the one plum tree I planted died in its first autumn and I never put another one in. It looks as if it is going to be cold this week too, here’s hoping we get some weeks of summer soon !

    • Thank you! The plant in the first photo is phlox – we got it as some ground cover under the Bramley. We did have a white one as well but made the mistake of planting it in Crotchety Cat’s “rolly patch” and it didn’t last a year – its next to a big patch of catmint and he makes short work of any other plant that dares to intrude… We have a lovely evening here thankfully (blue sky, white fluffy clouds and everything!) but I’m keeping a beady eye on the overnight temperatures just in case.

    • At least you don’t have the weeding! It is lovely having some outdoor space to relax in. I’m just looking forward to getting some sunny weather to enjoy it in. Pootling around in the rain just isn’t the same…. I look forward to seeing photos of your “plot”!

  2. Your garden is simply gorgeous! Shame about the plums, but I would be ecstatic to have all those other things my backyard, especially all the berries. I made some black currant jam last summer and it’s one of my favourites. Cute bread basket as well!

      • You’re quite welcome, I really enjoy your posts. I’ve never had redcurrant preserves but I imagine it would be wonderful. A chutney for meats would be nice too. I just adore homemade jams, and am envious of anyone who has berries growing in their backyard..

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