What I see from my back door – a challenge.

Back Garden 1

Another gardening post (don’t panic – bread will be back soon!). Cecilia at The Kitchen Garden has posted a challenge for people to send in the view from their back door. So this is mine caught on a (fleetingly) sunny moment.

The main photo is of my climbing rose called Gertrude Jeykll. We bought it when we first moved here from Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate. It’s covered in tight buds and in a few weeks should be awash with fragrant pink blooms. Please try and ignore the weed infested pots – they will have flowery things in them soon!

Back Garden 2

This is the Bramley apple again. With a small Acer in a pot in the patio. This used to be at the front door but it was so windy at the front that the poor thing was constantly losing its leaves. So we’ve rescued it and it looks a lot happier back here.

Back Garden 3

Finally my Victoria plum tree. Alas it’s had no blooms this year at all. Maybe I’ll have a plum glut next year. Here’s hoping…



12 thoughts on “What I see from my back door – a challenge.

  1. Very pleasant, with a handy ‘borrowed’ landscape from the background trees.
    Maybe the fence needs more softening, though – have you considered something like ivy or one of the small-leaved hardy evergreen creepers? Of course, the best way to make a fence go invisible is with a particular shade of dark green paint, but that job could be expensive and time-consuming!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. We used to have more “borrowed” trees but the new owners cut a lot of it down so we got more light but also a “lovely” view of their house! One of the reasons for letting the rose grow is to soften the fence near the patio and we’ve got some “rogue” ivy sprouting behind the compost bins at the bottom which I’m sure will make short work of it down there. The bit I’m struggling with is the dry shade bit near our bins – I’ve got some clematis there but could do with more year round coverage. Any suggestions?

  2. Sad about the lack of sunshine – I have heard its been a terrible year weatherwise. so far over there. I will have to stop by again to see what you are baking this Monday. Is it always just on Mondays? I would know if I had time to read more of your blog but its taking me ages to go through all these back yard views. Celi might have created a monster here, especially if all one thousand or more followers decide to take part. Joy.

    • Thank you. I think it’s been a great idea – I’ve never taken part in anything like this before and I’ve discovered some great blogs/ lovely gardens! I’m planning on spending this evening trawling through them all. It would be nice to do it again when the seasons change. My baking tends to be weekends and Mondays so I try to post the results early in the week.

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