Baking for a Sunny Day

stilton and bacon bread 2

At last! We have blue sky and bright warm sun. I’m able to wander around the garden in my bare feet and wearing a dress without thick wooly tights (first time this year!). So today is another session of gardening and the weed infested pots of my earlier post are now filled with begonias. This was followed by a “productive” session of lying on the back lawn watching swallows circling far overhead and drinking Bellini. Bliss!

But I have been baking as well. LSH has made a special request for his favourite bread – Stilton and bacon. I used to make this using the olive dough recipe from Richard Bertinet’s Dough but give the success of my recent “easy white bread” this is the recipe I’ve used for the basic dough. However I have reduced the salt a little as there’s plenty in the filling.

I grilled 5 rashers of unsmoked back bacon and left to cool. I then broke it into quarters cutting off any remaining fat (I have to have fat crispy on bacon). Once the bread has had its first rise I patted it out into a rectangle and cover with bacon. Then I crumbled about 150g of Stilton over the top.

Bacon Stilton bread

I rolled it up and made sure that it was sealed at the bottom. It was left to prove on baking paper for about 45mins. The final bread was then baked at 200c for 35min. I’ve also used the same method for sun blush tomatoes with mozzarella and pesto which was delicious! I think that caramelised onions might be worth a go as well. Let me know what ideas you have.

Stilton and bacon bread

As the weather was so nice we had this bread for lunch sat outside on the patio. LSH made very short work of it after a busy morning weeding but at least I got to eat my share of it this time (I’ve learnt my lesson on never leaving him alone with freshly cooled bread….).


5 thoughts on “Baking for a Sunny Day

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  2. This looks absolutely delicious! You have really good filling ideas, I’ll have to think about making a loaf like that. And it’s sweet and hilarious that your LSH finds your bread so irresistible that he can’t be left alone with it! I’ve had that happen to me with cinnamon buns… glad to hear you got your fair share this time! And relaxing in the garden with a Bellini and great bread sounds like my idea of a perfect afternoon! 🙂

  3. If you left me alone on the patio with that bread and stepped into the house to pick a spoon or something else you might have forgotten, you will not find anything left, 5 or so minutes later. I love fresh bread and the irony is I have never baked bread in my blog. I have to step up soon….thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely day!

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