An Experiment in Cake Baking.

slice of cake and coffee

For once the Bank Holiday has been warm in much of the UK. Even more surprisingly I am in one of these areas – in previous warm spells the LSH and I have been up a fell in the Lake District where it has been cold, windy and wet. So I’ve been making the most of it.

To the casual observer it may have looked as if I’ve been drinking coffee and eating cake whilst sat in the sun with my feet up. In reality I have been a whirlwind of activity clearing my washing basket and baking bread for the coming week.

Thankfully both of these tasks are ones where time (and machinery) does a lot of the work for you which left me with no option but to eat this slice of homemade blueberry and white chocolate cake.

This is a bit of a baking experiment. I don’t usually do cakes and where I do I rarely change the recipe. However this week my local sandwich shop had slices of blueberry and white chocolate cake on the counter. Obviously I had to try it (for purely research purposes….) and have been musing on how to replicate it.

It tasted like a Madeira cake and I wanted it to have a loaf tin form so I used this BBC Good Food magazine recipe as the basis. I ended up adding quite a bit of milk to it as the mix seemed but thicker than described. I then roughly chopped 75g of white chocolate and added this to the mix along with blueberries coated in icing sugar (this supposedly stops them sinking in the cake mix). It was then baked for about 1:30hrs.

blueberry and white chocolate cake

This cake is probably not going to win any prizes at the WI show. It looks more like a school volcano project that a cake having made a break for freedom from its tin about halfway through its time in the oven (I was eating cake off the oven floor!) But that doesn’t matter. As I sit here munching contentedly through another doorstep thick slice all I can think about is how moist and fruity it is with just the faintest hint of white chocolate (more of a texture than a taste). All it needs is a larger tin……

blueberry and chocolate 2


6 thoughts on “An Experiment in Cake Baking.

  1. I love anything and everything with white chocolate. This must have tasted really good. I made a coconut cake with white chocolate. It was absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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