Soft Slider Buns

Soft slider buns

Another bun recipe and with it my Dan Lepard “bread roll trilogy” comes to an end. After the soft floury baps and the semolina buns I am now on the soft slider rolls that I planned to bake a few weeks ago until thwarted by the lack of custard powder.

The process starts with an unsweetened custard made with the custard power and milk with only 2 tsp of sugar. This is then left to cool and mixed with the flour, salt and yeast. The custard roux was straight forward enough but it did end up a very scary yellow. It also seemed very thick (I suspect that there is a reason my custard is usually of the ready mixed variety). Tasting it was a bit strange – you expect it to be sweet and absence of this meant it tasted like cornflour rather than custard. In his recipe Dan Lepard does say you can substitute this for the custard powder and after tasting it I can see why.

custard roux

Adding the flour to it made for a very dry dough and it was hard work to knead. It is supposed to be a firm dough so I stuck with it and resisted the temptation to add any extra water. I then left it to rise and shaped into 5 decent sized buns.

After proving they got a coat of milk and I scattered white sesame seeds on the top. The final buns were nice but compared with the other bun recipes, I felt they were too dry and firm. I preferred the texture of the semolina buns to these. The original recipe is for smaller buns and maybe they work better in this form. I think that larger buns need to be softer so I probably won’t do this one again. I just need to make a lot of rhubarb crumble to use up that custard powder…

Soft slider buns


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