The Village Show

preserves for show

Each year our local branch of the Women’s Institute host the Village Show – a display of local home grown and home made produce. And this year I actually entered something, after being “encouraged” by LSH – my redcurrant curd and rose petal jelly.

I was slightly nervous about doing this. After all the WI are the font of all knowledge where preserves are concerned. I suspect that many of them come out of the womb knowing how to make the perfect raspberry jam! I certainly wasn’t holding out any hope for the redcurrant curd – this batch was definitely on the “soft set” side and whilst pretty and tasty I didn’t think it was WI standard. And indeed it came away empty handed beaten by an array of lemon curds.

So it all rested on the rose petal jelly which was competing against about five or six other jellies, mostly of the redcurrant variety. I approached the bench nervously. Would it be too radical for the WI? How would it compare with those made by people with years of jelly making experience? I hadn’t been this nervous since my degree results….

rose petal jelly

And it won! I am so excited. The comments on the back of my card were “lovely clear jelly with unusual flavour”. So if you want to eat your own “prize winning rose petal jelly” you can find the recipe here.

In the meantime I am just going to stick my certificate in pride of place on the fridge door before having a celebratory glass of bramble gin!


9 thoughts on “The Village Show

  1. Congratulations. You can never know how good you are unless you try and we are all, always so scared of trying. I’m glad your jelly won. I am really happy for you. I wish I could taste it. Thanks for sharing that thrilling story. You know what? I have never tried to make any jam or jelly of any sort, so you see I see you as an expert (I bet there many other like me..sigh). Have a lovely day!

    • Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ You should give them a go – they are much easier than you think and there are so many lovely recipes for them out there. I am very proud of my rose jelly – it seems a shame to eat it now it has it’s own certificate but alas it won’t last forever….

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