A light Saturday lunch – Tomato and Gruyere Tartlet

Tomato tartlet 2

This weekend is one of those quiet pottering weekends. A weekend of cleaning, walking and making some headway on the pile of ironing that is so large it’s probably visible from space (!). But we also need to eat and as I’m on a pastry binge at the moment it’s a tasty tart that I’m after.

This is an Olive magazine recipe and you can find the full sized version on the cover of its September edition. It’s a mixture of gruyere cheese (in both the pastry and filling) with roasted baby plum tomatoes with a light scattering of thyme.

Tomato tartlet 1

As this was lunch for just the 2 of us I halved the recipe and instead made two tartlets, chilling the pastry again after lining the tins to try and avoid shrinkage.

I also added a spoonful of my homemade tomato chilli jam to the gruyere and egg filling rather than Dijon mustard which cut through the rich cheesy base. As they were smaller they didn’t take quite as long to cook and we ate them warm from the oven.

Tomato tartlet end

I love most things with cheese and these were no exception. A nice crispy pastry with a squidgy tasty filling. I think I would add a bit more chilli jam next time as I feel it needs a bit more heat to it. It certainly worked well as smaller individual tartlets judging by LSH’s quickly emptied plate…


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