The Gingerbread Challenge – A Shed!

Gingerbread shed

You may remember that I have foolishly promised my LSH a Gingerbread Church for Christmas despite having never made even a biscuit before. So I’ve been busy making gingerbread biscuits but I’ve been putting off the next stage as I was missing a key piece of equipment – an icing bag

But now I am the proud owner of an icing set and I’m out of excuses. So the time has come to make the biscuits stand upright and conquer my fear of the icing bag. I’m starting small with a gingerbread shed.

I created a pattern on graph paper which I used to cut the pieces out of rolled gingerbread dough. I even had a go at creating a timber effect in the roof with some lines scored on them. I then left them in a cold garage for about 30 min before baking. Yet they still spread and had to be recut once they had cooled a little.

Once cold I glued them together with a simple royal icing of just icing sugar and water and piped in a somewhat wobbly door. Thankfully it stood upright! And has remained standing upright. It’s not very pretty but as a first attempt at gingerbread construction it’s not bad. I just need to practice my icing skills and work on creating some windows next…


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