Apricot Pie and a final farewell to “Bake Off”

Apricot tart - 1

And so the Great British Bake Off has come to an end for another year. It feels like the end of an era as next year it will move to BBC 1 and what was once the guilty secret of us “floury types” will be firmly mainstream. I just hope it doesn’t end up being the X factor with caster sugar and yeast…

Apricot tart - fillingIn the meantime I’ve got round to having a go at a recipe from this year’s Bake Off book. I’m a big fan of these – my favourite shortbread recipe comes from the Showstoppers edition – and having seen this recipe demonstrated on the Masterclasses last week I was keen to give it a go.

The Apricot Pie is a great store cupboard pie – flour, butter, sugar, marzipan and tinned apricot halves. Make the pastry and line your dish. I chilled it for a bit at this stage to try and reduce shrinkage. You then grate marzipan over the base. Add the apricots, cover with a pastry lid and bake. The only change I made was to add less marzipan. LSH isn’t a fan and the amount suggested nearly filled the tin on its own! Even for me that seemed like a bit too much. I used just over half the amount and that seemed ample. I also ended up adding some extra chopped apricot to fill some of the gaps between the halves.

Apricot tart  -  slice

The finished result was lovely and so easy to make. Even the marzipan phobic LSH was keen on it and it tasted just as good cold the next day.