Tea and Biscuits

Oat Biscuits 3

LSH has decided that he needs to be more supportive of my blog. “You need something to blog about” says he. “Make me some biscuits I can dunk in my tea.” With a request like that how can I refuse!

Thankfully I have just the recipe. Those of you who are Peter Kay fans will know that the ideal biscuit for dunking in tea is a hobnob – a thick oaty biscuit that withstands the rigours of a bath in a hot drink. Whilst the actual hobnob recipe is a trade secret Good Housekeeping magazine have a good easy to bake version that can go from mixing bowl to tea mug in 30 minutes.

Oat Biscuits 2

You can find the recipe here. I don’t bother with the chocolate topping as I think that they are delicious just as they are – a robust rustic biscuit with a lovely syrup undertone. If you’re going to dunk them make sure you leave them to cool properly or they’ll fall apart.

LSH managed to wait long enough to avoid an oaty sediment in his tea but the batch of biscuits barely saw out the day. They are very morish and quick to pull together. Give them a go – Your cup of tea will thank you for it!