Burger Buns and Bacon Sarnies

Floury baps

I fear that my blog is starting to sound like a one woman fan page devoted to Dan Lepard. Today was a special day in themondaybaker household as LSH is celebrating a “big” birthday with a “big” party. So I’ve been busy all morning with party prep as well as making some buns for pre-party burgers and morning-after bacon sarnies.

The first recipe I looked at were the soft slider buns which looked good but needed custard powder so they were out ( I didn’t think my carton of low fat custard was going to be able replace this somehow….) So that left me with the soft floury baps which could be made with everything I had in my cupboards. I just needed to work the timings around my various errands that I needed to run.

Sponge  - before

First the sponge. This needed a sachet of easy blend yeast. I don’t use sachets and I’ve previously used a teaspoon of easy blend yeast instead. But then I saw that a sachet supposedly equals 2 1/2 tsp of yeast! So this time round I weighed it and it was significantly more than I thought. So I mixed the sponge ingredients and left it. The recipe says to leave it for 2 1/2 – 3 hours so I headed off to collect the cake.

By the time I made it back it had been left for 2 hours and looked like this! Definitely somewhat lively….

Sponge -

Then I added the rest of the flour and the water, milk and butter mix. The resting time ended up being curtailed as I needed to go and get balloons and other things. But it still left a bit of a problem as I didn’t think I’d be able to get everything and get back in the hours proving time. A plan B was needed – LSH was going to have to bake them without supervision….

Dough - pre shaping

So I carefully shaped them into buns and sprinkled over the flour ready for proving.

Floury baps - pre proving

I set the timer for an hour and wrote down the instructions (Turn oven on to 200C after 30 mins. When timer goes off put buns in oven. Bake for 20 min remembering to turn them mid way through cooking). I then kept sending “helpful” texts (“are buns in oven?”, “have you turned them?”, “have you taken buns out of oven?” It was a bit like baking by phone – if only there was an app). And these were the result.

Floury baps

Very squidgy and really soft. Ideal for burgers and bacon. I now have a stash in the freezer and I doubt that they’ll be in there long.

Floury bap - crumb

So here is the pre-party burger version: burger

And the morning after one….

Bacon sarnie 2