A Short and Sweet Post

Cheese BreadRegular readers will know that I am a bit of a Dan Lepard fan and am slowly baking my way through his Guardian recipes. However I didn’t have any of his recipe books…..until now.

It started with the news that the Kindle edition of Short and Sweet is now only £3.99. Now I love my Kindle but I don’t really think it works for recipe books but I thought I’d download a sample chapter to see what was in it. As I had the link on my phone I ended up downloading it to my Kindle app. I was expecting a lot of dry text but instead what I got were glossy colour photos and links in the recipes that took you straight to the relevant techniques at the beginning of the book. I could have it on my ipad and not only would it be flour resistant, LSH would never know that I’d bought “yet another” recipe book (he is of the opinion that you can have too many recipe books….)

So download it I did. First recipe was the Easy White Loaf. In the intro Dan Lepard says that you can add up to 200g of cheese to this. So I chopped up the last of a pack of cheddar (about 150g worth) and coated it in generous amounts of paprika and chilli powder. When the loaf had finished its first rise I patted it out into a rectangle, covered it with the cheese mix and rolled up like a Swiss roll.

It looked good with a heavy swirl of cheesiness looping through it. Unfortunately it also “swirled” out of it gluing the bread firmly to the baking tray so it became a 2 man operation to prise it free (note to self – put on baking paper next time). It was worth it though and went down well with LSH – too well in fact. I left pretty much a full loaf when I went to the hairdressers. When I got back this is how much was left.

Bread - the remainders

Guess I’ll have to make it again…..


This long (cold) weekend I have baked the following:

  • 6 Tea Cakes,
  • 6 Algerian flat breads,
  • 6 Indian flat breads,
  • 1 Cheese and Bacon Loaf, and
  • 1 White Tin Loaf.

I am beginning to think that I may have a bit of a baking problem…..

Cheese and Bacon

For Christmas I was given a copy of Andrew Whitley’s Bread Matters book by my Long Suffering Husband. Whilst I’ve read through a lot of it, its taken me a while to get round to baking anything.

 The first bread that I tried was his Cheese Bread but being impatient I couldn’t wait by making the sponge so I used my rye starter instead. Whilst the flavour was good the texture wasn’t quite what I was looking for. So I reduced the amount of starter and increased the white flour, adding a small amount of yeast to compensate. I also had some bacon to use up so I kneaded that in with the cheese. And wow! Just what I was looking for- all the taste but with a lighter texture. Even LSH was impressed!

You can find the recipe here

Bacon and Cheese Bread

Bacon and Cheese Bread