Love Baking Bread

Bread magazineI’ve often wondered why there isn’t a magazine devoted to bread. My local newsagent is full of ones dedicated to cupcakes and cake decorating but not one on bread – till now. Love Baking Bread is brought to you by the same people who bring you those pesky cake mags but thankfully (with the exception of an ad on page 88) it’s a cupcake free zone.

Instead there is page after page of bread recipes and other bread related stuff. I’m already making a list of recipes that I want to try and there are quite a few. I couldn’t find any information on whether this is a one off or whether it will be coming out on a quarterly basis so fingers crossed this is the first of many.

However, I do have a slight reservation about it which is that none of the recipes look to be original to this magazine. If you already have recipe books by many of the bakers included here then you may find there’s little new for you. But if, like me, you’re at the beginning of your bread making journey then you’ll find the magazine acts as a good “sampler” of what various bakers’ recipes are like. So if you want to try recipes by the likes of Hollywood, Bertinet, Hadjiandreou, and others before committing to buying an entire book, then give this magazine a go.