Al Fresco Lunch

At the moment I appear to be unable to do a recipe without tweaking it. This time it was a Gino D’Acampo recipe from the Love Baking Bread magazine I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It’s for Filone All’Arrabbiata – a white loaf with chilli flakes and cayenne pepper kneaded through it.

The original recipe called for 7g yeast and 1 tsp salt for 325g flour. This seemed a bit high too me so I reduced it to 3/4 tsp of each. I also increased the amount of time it needed to rise to 2-3 hours and the proving time to about an hour. I preheated my oven to its max temperature and baked the loaf for 10 min with a tray of hot water. I then reduced it to 200C for the rest of the cooking time.

I thought that the loaf pictured in the magazine looked a bit pale. More like those part cooked rolls you can buy from the supermarket. Thankfully mine had a lot more colour possibly due to the higher initial temperature.

Tastewise it certainly had a kick – ideal for eating with Italian hams and olives. And just the thing for a spot of lunch on the patio in the spring sunshine.