Carrot, Sesame Seed and Sumac Rolls

I’m a keen follower of Dan Lepard’s recipes in the Guardian. Recently he wrote an interesting piece on vitamin C and the question of whether it should be added to bread. Putting aside the wider thorny issue of using additives in home baking, his recipes using orange juice and carrots looked interesting and I was keen to see what effect they had on the finished bread.

I didn’t have any olives so I just missed them out. I also used white spelt and white sesame seeds which resulted in a much lighter looking bread.

Carrot, Sesame and Sumac Rolls

Carrot, Sesame and Sumac Rolls

It’s been a while since I made rolls and I was pretty pleased with how these turned out. I added a tray of boiling water to the bottom of the oven when baking them and they needed a few minutes longer than the recipe said to get the crust I was looking for.

Next time I think I’d increase the amount of sumac (I couldn’t really taste the citrus flavours that Dan Lepard said it would produce). Definitely one I’d make again.